The Best Sort of Day

The Best Sort of Day


We’re a little snow-obsessed over here. For years while we’ve been in India during U.S. winters we have had to “suffer” through our friends’ winter wonderland pictures while we tried to kill the new crop of mosquitoes and brace for the over 100 temps that were coming in a few short weeks. The kids would slap their necks and longingly look at all the snow and sigh.

This year, however, we’re here. And snow has been prayed for since the moment we stepped off the plane. And doubt was beginning to creep in until last week when a little ice storm showed up and gave them reason to hope that winter wasn’t exactly done with us yet.

And so it snowed. A few days after we brought H home from the hospital, the kids woke up to enough snow and ice to enjoy some sledding, build a snow man and get good and soaked. It was the sort of day I love because there’s something cozy and wonderful about having all your little people under one roof, eating comfort food and knowing there’s no going anywhere for at least a day or two.

And there’s just something about sitting inside snuggled with a new little love while the older ones laugh and play all day long outside away from the television or computer. Their hearts were full and mine was too. It was a much-needed respite from all the things on my postpartum mind.


And since we live in the South, snow is not normal. We don’t usually get that much, so when we do, we all get a bit crazy about it– five loaves of bread, 3 gallons of milk and 4 dozen eggs must be purchased because what if we are stranded without power for a week (the forecast said it would be 43 the next day)? But what if? And usually after a couple of days we’re done with the white stuff and the temperature rises back up to the 50s and we’re off talking about how we long for spring to come and we’re still trying to finish all the milk before it goes bad.

But watching snowfall might be one of my favorite things to do, ever. I love how the world gets a brief makeover and life slows down and gets quiet for a little while. As an introvert I’m a big fan of quiet. Although I seldom get to experience it the way I used to before I had a family. And five kids. And tiny babies that eat a poop all the time (oh, how I’d forgotten!).

But I want to enjoy this season because I wonder what it will be like when they aren’t all under my roof and we aren’t all together. I now understand a little bit more why our own mothers love to have all their kids home at the same time.

So I’m soaking in these snow/ice/sleet days while there here. And I’m enjoying the seemingly small moments of motherhood that fill my cup unexpectedly and make me pause because even though they seem small, these are the best sort of days to me.



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