Starting Over

We are in our 4th month of being “back” in the US. When we were just visitors I often wondered what it would be like when we finally moved here for good (or until we get further orders, nothing is really for “good” is it?) And […]

A Word for the New Year: Write

The post appeared first on IndiAanya. A new year is here, and if you are like me, I am clinging to the hope that 2016 will be quite different than 2015. You made it out, but just barely. And you’d love to find yourself in […]

Indoor Camping, Coffee Pots and the State of Things

We have all been sleeping in the same room. Seven of us. In the same room. Y’all. Our AC’s have all run out of gas except for two and because we know we are leaving we refuse to have them fixed for a few weeks. So, […]

Looking for Home

What is home? It’s a question at the forefront of my thought-life these days. As we prepare to make an unexpected move from India to the US in a matter of weeks, I ponder on the word home and what it’s come to mean not […]

It Will Take Some Time

So much on my mind lately. People, places, the church and the state of my soul in general. It’s felt like there’s been so little room in my brain to create freely, it’s been all production and deadlines and hard things. No time for wistful […]

A Look Back

It’s been almost five years since we arrived here and I know as the anniversary of our arrival draws closer I’m going to be even more pensive than usual. Be forewarned. Arriving late-July during the worst monsoon I’ve seen since we’ve been here, we were […]

On Late Blooming

I call this blog “life as a late bloomer” because I tend to learn things very slowly… like painfully slow. Like I’m well into mid-life and I’m still having “AHA” moments when I have insights into my personality or why something is the way it is […]

Siren Songs

Today I’m home with only a baby and a toddler and as crazy as it sounds, it feels like a break. The three older ones are out for a bit and I’m trying to take a couple of minutes to quiet my racing mind and […]