Women’s Issues

On Turning 40 and a Loss

Today I turn 40. When I thought about writing this post a month ago I had some vague thoughts about sharing what turning 40 looks like for me. Throwing in a bit of humor and a dash of snarkiness about getting older and all that […]

A Fracture and an Invitation

I completely forgot today was Ash Wednesday. Yesterday, our sweet almost 1-year-old fell during a routine walking spree and cried big tears, but I had no idea what was wrong. Until I tried to put him down. That’s when we noticed he couldn’t bear weight […]

On Late Blooming

I call this blog “life as a late bloomer” because I tend to learn things very slowly… like painfully slow. Like I’m well into mid-life and I’m still having “AHA” moments when I have insights into my personality or why something is the way it is […]

Gift of Hope

We are a family of seven now and there has been a steep learning curve as we try to make this new normal feel a bit more normal and a little less exhausting–if that’s at all possible. But even though it’s hard, extremely hard some […]