Missing India

Missing India

I miss India tonight. There is a longing inside of me that I cannot even describe, but I feel it burning in my heart and watering up in my eyes as I sit in a quiet house after everyone else has finally gone to bed. […]

Looking for Home

What is home? It’s a question at the forefront of my thought-life these days. As we prepare to make an unexpected move from India to the US in a matter of weeks, I ponder on the word home and what it’s come to mean not […]

It Will Take Some Time

So much on my mind lately. People, places, the church and the state of my soul in general. It’s felt like there’s been so little room in my brain to create freely, it’s been all production and deadlines and hard things. No time for wistful […]

Gift of Hope

We are a family of seven now and there has been a steep learning curve as we try to make this new normal feel a bit more normal and a little less exhausting–if that’s at all possible. But even though it’s hard, extremely hard some […]