Missing India

Missing India

I miss India tonight. There is a longing inside of me that I cannot even describe, but I feel it burning in my heart and watering up in my eyes as I sit in a quiet house after everyone else has finally gone to bed. […]

On Turning 40 and a Loss

Today I turn 40. When I thought about writing this post a month ago I had some vague thoughts about sharing what turning 40 looks like for me. Throwing in a bit of humor and a dash of snarkiness about getting older and all that […]

Looking for Home

What is home? It’s a question at the forefront of my thought-life these days. As we prepare to make an unexpected move from India to the US in a matter of weeks, I ponder on the word home and what it’s come to mean not […]

Grief and Gratefulness: Part 2

This wasn’t meant to be a two part-thingy, but last yesterday stuff happened. Stuff like me dropping my phone into a toilet in a Delhi mall (all sorts of gross people) and in my haste to grab it up I broke my necklace (minor in […]