Accidental Entrepreneur: Part 1

When we moved to India in 2010 I never imagined I would leave one day as a social entrepreneur. At that time, I didn’t even know what that meant. While my husband and I worked on graduate degrees we ran a small graphics business to help […]

On Being Small

It has been an interesting few days. And by interesting I mean weird, unsettling and eyeopening in hard ways. I have wrestled with the new normal of American life that everyone here is “busy” and to be a part of people’s lives plans have to […]

Siren Songs

Today I’m home with only a baby and a toddler and as crazy as it sounds, it feels like a break. The three older ones are out for a bit and I’m trying to take a couple of minutes to quiet my racing mind and […]

The Best Sort of Day

The Best Sort of Day

We’re a little snow-obsessed over here. For years while we’ve been in India during U.S. winters we have had to “suffer” through our friends’ winter wonderland pictures while we tried to kill the new crop of mosquitoes and brace for the over 100 temps that […]

The Long Winter

The power went out around 8:00 last night. Kids had just finished their baths and talk of a game of Rook for the adults after bedtime was in works. Then the darkness came and the realization that candle conservation would need to happen—just in case. […]

New Endeavors and Old Fears

Earlier this year when Jon told me he wanted me to help with the income-generation jewelry business at our church here to see if we could grow it, I wasn’t sure what that would look like. First of all, I hardly wore jewelry– ever. Second, […]