Accidental Entrepreneur: Part 1

When we moved to India in 2010 I never imagined I would leave one day as a social entrepreneur. At that time, I didn’t even know what that meant. While my husband and I worked on graduate degrees we ran a small graphics business to help […]

Comparing My Beginning With Someone Else’s Middle

{Picnic to India Gate with the Team} “One of the great temptations for us as leaders and dreamers is to compare the start of our new adventures to the middle of someone else’s. You work on your first book and pick up Max Lucado’s 14th book and […]

New Endeavors and Old Fears

Earlier this year when Jon told me he wanted me to help with the income-generation jewelry business at our church here to see if we could grow it, I wasn’t sure what that would look like. First of all, I hardly wore jewelry– ever. Second, […]