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Accidental Entrepreneur: Part 1

When we moved to India in 2010 I never imagined I would leave one day as a social entrepreneur. At that time, I didn’t even know what that meant. While my husband and I worked on graduate degrees we ran a small graphics business to help […]

Missing India

Missing India

I miss India tonight. There is a longing inside of me that I cannot even describe, but I feel it burning in my heart and watering up in my eyes as I sit in a quiet house after everyone else has finally gone to bed. […]

The Joy of Moving Forward

We moved this summer and began a new life in Charlotte. And what a breath of fresh air it has been. To be free of the strain that Atlanta had; to be with groups of people ready and eager to come alongside us and who […]

What’s Next?

The exciting (and slightly overwhelming) thing is we are moving… again! This time to a new city (Charlotte) so my husband can take a ministry job doing all the things he loves. We are only going to be four hours away from family, and we […]

On Turning 40 and a Loss

Today I turn 40. When I thought about writing this post a month ago I had some vague thoughts about sharing what turning 40 looks like for me. Throwing in a bit of humor and a dash of snarkiness about getting older and all that […]

On Being Small

It has been an interesting few days. And by interesting I mean weird, unsettling and eyeopening in hard ways. I have wrestled with the new normal of American life that everyone here is “busy” and to be a part of people’s lives plans have to […]

When Your TCK Grieves, You Do Too

This morning I opened email as usual, but one particular message made me pause, and out of nowhere I suddenly felt a knot in my throat and then the tears started to spill. And this was before I even opened it. There was nothing significant […]

A Fracture and an Invitation

I completely forgot today was Ash Wednesday. Yesterday, our sweet almost 1-year-old fell during a routine walking spree and cried big tears, but I had no idea what was wrong. Until I tried to put him down. That’s when we noticed he couldn’t bear weight […]