Month: October 2014

New Endeavors and Old Fears

Earlier this year when Jon told me he wanted me to help with the income-generation jewelry business at our church here to see if we could grow it, I wasn’t sure what that would look like. First of all, I hardly wore jewelry– ever. Second, […]

Grief and Gratefulness: Part 2

This wasn’t meant to be a two part-thingy, but last yesterday stuff happened. Stuff like me dropping my phone into a toilet in a Delhi mall (all sorts of gross people) and in my haste to grab it up I broke my necklace (minor in […]

Grief and Gratefulness

In the background dishes jumble around in the sink and I wonder if it’s possible for them to come out unscathed. It sounds like she’s put every dirty dish in the sink and is taking a giant spoon and simply stirring. Explaining how I do […]